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The film realized to five songs for baritone and viola da gamba to the poems of troubadour Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (subtitles in English and Polish).

Raimbaut de Vaqueiras was a troubadour from southern France who was active at the turn of the thirteenth century. He wrote many fine songs in Provençal, a southern French dialect that sounds like a mashup of French and Spanish.


'Once there was a troubadour named Raimbaut de Vaqueiras. He fell in love with the sister of the marquis, whose name was Beatriz, and she was the wife of Henry of Carrette. Raimbaut composed for her many beautiful songs, and called her his “Beautiful Knight” (Bel Cavalher). And this is how he came to call her thus:

Raimbaut had the good fortune to be able to watch the Lady Beatriz whenever he wanted. He could see into her chamber through a cellar window. And noone ever saw him do it. One day, the marquis was going to the hunt. He came into the chamber, took off his sword, set it next to the bed, and went out. Lady Beatriz was in the chamber. She took off her surcote but left on her underdress. She took up the sword, and fastened it around her waist, in the manner of a knight. Then she drew the sword and brandished it; then she took it in her hand and swung it as far as her arm could reach, and touched it to one shoulder and then to the other. After this, she sheathed the sword, unbelted it, and put it back near the bed. And Raimbaut de Vaqueiras saw this through the cellar window just as I have told it to you. And it is because of this, that when he writes songs, he calls her his “Beautiful Knight.”'

Music: Wojciech Stępień
Lyrics: Raimbaut de Vaqueiras

Viola da gamba: Justyna Młynarczyk
Baritone: Maciej Bartczak

Video realization&Editing: Paweł Szymkowiak
Audio recording: Przemysław Scheller
Polish translation: Marcin Trzęsiok

Composer's commentary:

'In our life we have a lot of illusions but the real world is different... Every illusion leads us to despair. It is so hard to accept for us that there are things which we can`t gain and can`t change...'


I Letter - Prince's Fanfare

Beautiful Knight, in you I have placed my hope,
and since you are the worthiest in the world
and the most precious, that should not be to my loss,
because you gave me advice and were my warranty.

II Letter - Sword Fighting

Beautiful Knight, your love fights me,

and I beg that mercy and simple grace

may conquer you as you have vanquished me.

III Letter - Naked Armour 

Beautiful Knight, your love comforts me,

and gives me joy and gladdens me and delights me,

while other people are dismayed and disheartened.

IV Letter - Final Blow

Fair Knight for I whom I write songs and lyrics,

I don`t know whether to renounce for your sake,
or wear the cross, nor how to go, nor how to remain;
so much your beautiful body pleases me,

that I die if I see you and if can`t see you:

I fear to die, in anyone`s company but yours.

V Letter - Plaint

I'`d hardly rejoice should I part from you,

my Beautiful Knight, in sorrow,

since it doesn`t turn anywhere else

my heart, nor drags me my desire,

since it desires naught else.

The slanderers, I know, would be pleased,

as otherwise they'd find no peace.

Beautiful knight - belh cavalhier

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