In the cooperation with Paweł Szymkowiak (video realization) and Przemysław Scheller (audio recording) we created a mini love serial of five short films to the songs from my Five Letters to the Beautiful Knight

The premiere of every song will take place every Sunday from Valentine's Day - 14th of February 2021 till the 14th of March 2021 like a five part serial. On the first day of spring - 21st of March you will have an opportunity to watch the whole cycle.

The special website was created when you can read the background of the story of the troubadour Raimbaut de Vaqueiras and his Platonic love to the secret Beautiful Knight.

Hope you enjoy the "song serial".

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I Letter - Prince's Fanfare

Beautiful Knight, in you I have placed my hope,

and since you are the worthiest in the world

and the most precious, that should not be to my loss,

because you gave me advice and were my warranty.

II Letter - Sword Fighting

Beautiful Knight, your love fights me,

and I beg that mercy and simple grace

may conquer you as you have vanquished me.

III Letter - Naked Armour 

Beautiful Knight, your love comforts me,

and gives me joy and gladdens me and delights me,

while other people are dismayed and disheartened.

IV Letter - Final Blow

Fair Knight for I whom I write songs and lyrics,

I don`t know whether to renounce for your sake,
or wear the cross, nor how to go, nor how to remain;
so much your beautiful body pleases me,

that I die if I see you and if can`t see you:

I fear to die, in anyone`s company but yours.

V Letter - Plaint

I'`d hardly rejoice should I part from you,

my Beautiful Knight, in sorrow,

since it doesn`t turn anywhere else

my heart, nor drags me my desire,

since it desires naught else.

The slanderers, I know, would be pleased,

as otherwise they'd find no peace.

Beautiful knight - belh cavalhier