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A Single Man Opera - The Composer's View


Don Bachardy and Wojciech Stępień in Isherwood&Bachardy House in Santa Monica 


The opera A Single Man is a very personal project, born out of deep admiration for the novel and its author, Christopher Isherwood.


I first read A Single Man when I was 17 years old, and its impact on me has been profound and lasting. For years, the story of George and Jim has colored my imagination. When in spring of 2022 I received the news about the success of my application to the Fulbright Program, and knowing that the city of my residence for that year would be Santa Monica, the adopted home of Christopher Isherwood himself, I commenced work on an idea for a composition. 


portrait of Wojciech Stępień by Don Bachardy 
© Copyright Don Bachardy

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